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Veneers, crowns and bridges from Rotherham dentistsVeneers

Veneers are the perfect solution to restore discoloured, fractured or poorly positioned teeth. They can be used to change the shape of the teeth, their sizes and their shade. They are also suitable for smaller irregularity correction. 

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are a very conservative treatment approach and can be used to achieve relatively instant harmony between your teeth. Dental veneers leave your teeth looking straight, white and above all, natural. A thin layer of porcelain is used to cover the front or the full surface of the tooth in order to change the shape and colour of a tooth, or even a whole smile. They are very durable and can make you look younger instantly!

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers do not cover the whole tooth, unlike crowns. A small amount of the tooth structure is removed to accommodate the veneer, which is then bonded to the front of your existing teeth. Ceramic veneers are very strong and if cared for properly, they can last up to 15 years. They are also unlikely to stain in the same way that composite veneers do.

Here at the Yorkshire Sedation Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic, we will ensure that you receive an in depth consultation to discuss the right treatment for you. After an initial examination and discussion, we will be able to determine the result the patient wishes to achieve through the use of veneers. Veneers are perfect for correcting anything from subtle imperfections to dramatically improving a patient’s smile.


A crown is a restoration that covers or ‘caps’ your natural tooth to restore its shape and function and improve your appearance. Crowns can also provide support for a cracked tooth, sealing the crack so the situation doesn’t deteriorate.

The decision to have a tooth crowned is often based on the amount (and nature) of the tooth tissue remaining after decay has been removed, hairline fracture lines may also occur. It is important to replace any fillings (unless recently placed at this practice) prior to crowning teeth, thereby ensuring no underlying problems are incorporated underneath the structure (decay, fracture lines etc.) which may impact on longevity.


A bridge is a restoration that ‘bridges’ the gap between your natural teeth when you have others missing. Crowns & Bridges can be made using either a combination of metal and porcelain or completely ceramic. The Ceramic only option, whilst a little more costly, provides a high quality cosmetic finish to your restoration. A beautiful appearance that allows the flow of natural light through your crown.

In most circumstances a crown is made to fit the tooth either side of a space (with a “tooth” in the space). This is then bonded into position for superb aesthetics and longevity. Bridges vary considerably in their construction due to the variety of circumstances they can be used to treat. Please Note: Bridges can be supported on existing teeth OR on implants.

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