Root Canal Treatments

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Root canal treatments, dental sedation experts in RotherhamIn many circumstances it may be possible to save a tooth, avoiding extraction. If the nerve inside the tooth dies it can break down, forcing contents and possible infection through the end of the roots causing an abscess to form. These are usually very uncomfortable but in rare circumstances no symptoms are noted if no pressure builds up.

Root Canal Treatment

This is a process by which the remnants of the pulp inside a tooth are removed (blood vessels, nerves etc), cleaning and shaping inside the tooth and filling the root canal with a suitable filling material and sealant.

This should be carried out if the pulp tissues inside the tooth have died, if the pulp is inflamed or there is infection which may present as an abscess. It may be carried out electively when a tooth is very likely to lose its vitality (loss if its nerve) during a restorative procedure (although this is very rarely necessary).

Our root canal treatments are carried out using specially developed strong, anaesthetics which maintain maximum comfort. Each canal is electronically measured to ensure efficient and total canal filling. The canals are cleaned out using a special motorized system that electronically controls all aspects to ensure a successful outcome. Magnification lenses may be worn by the surgeon to aid with certain difficult cases referred to us.

Root Apicectomy (Retrograde Root Canal Treatment) 

The root canal system at the end of tooth roots is highly complex. In rare circumstances a simple root canal treatment is not enough to stop infection (re)occurring around the root end. In this case a Root Apicectomy can be carried out. This is a process by which the apex (end of the root inside the supporting bone) is "removed", and any bacterial contamination of the supporting structures is cleaned up. You will be given local anaesthetic and sedation if necessary. This can be carried out to help us avoid the need for tooth extraction.

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