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Snoring and sleep apnoea treatments in RotherhamSleep Apnoea is a decrease or cessation of breathing during sleep, which may be obstructive, due to the frustration of breathing against blocked airways. Oxygen levels reduce, carbon dioxide levels increase and this causes the persons sleep level to decrease but not necessarily wake up fully.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is a serious condition in which airflow from the nose and mouth to the lungs is restricted during sleep. It is characteristically associated with loud snoring and a fall in the oxygen concentration in the blood, and it can lead to heart failure.

Sleep apnoea can lead to extreme fatigue during the day which can cause people to simply fall asleep with little or no warning. This problem has been implicated in many fatal road accidents. If you suspect that you may be affected please seek advice immediately! 

There are usually a number of causative factors and as such the Anti Snoring / Anti Sleep Apnoea Devices should be regarded as “possibly able to help” with you needing to self-assess other factors and act accordingly. Causative factors include;

Treatment Options to consider include;

Anti Snoring / Sleep Apnoea Device

This practice has been producing Anti Snoring / Anti Sleep Apnoea Devices for several years. The device that we most commonly provide is the HINZ-HERNER appliance, as in our experience it produces superior results to the other products available.

The appliance is made from clear hard acrylic resin blocks that fit over the upper and lower teeth. These are held in position by a special retention system specially devised at this practice to allow full adjustment of the degree of retention to each jaw, which can be altered from a slack loose fit to very firmly retained, depending on each patient’s wishes.

The appliance is checked at the surgery and adjusted for retention and balance so that the teeth touch evenly together. It also protects individual teeth if you are prone to teeth grinding at night (nocturnal bruxism), with resultant morning jaw joint ache or chipping of teeth and fillings.

On your follow up appointments the degree of retention and the amount of lower jaw forward movement can be re-adjusted depending on individual results and patient preferences.

Please Note: In children the cause is usually enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids and treatment is by removing these structures. In adults the tonsils may be implicated but there may be other abnormalities of the pharynx and the patients are often obese.

Clearly extreme cases of sleep apnoea (breathing stand stills) may necessitate therapy with an over pressure respiratory machine under the close guidance of a sleep disorder centre, we can advise accordingly.

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