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Dentures by Yorkshire Sedation Clinic, dentists in RotherhamAt Yorkshire Sedation Clinic we offer the options of partial and full dentures.  

Our range of denture services includes:

Cobalt Chrome Partial Dentures

Cobalt Chrome Partial Dentures are made from a special metal called Vitallium which is biocompatible. The teeth are supported on a custom made light weight alloy framework allowing the dentures to blend in and be accepted by the mouth. Cobalt Chrome Partial therefore results in a more natural appearance.

It is advisable for all required restorations such as fillings or crowns to be carried out prior to construction, thus ensuring the highest standards of accuracy, stability and retention.  

Full Dentures

Dentures are often uncomfortable and poorly fitting which can make eating difficult. Dentures also often have an unnatural appearance. However, this does not have to be the case. Our full dentures are constructed in resin (high impact resistance plastic) using special teeth chosen for their natural appearance. In most cases, denture fixative pastes are not needed.

Assessment of your full dentures may show a number of problem areas:

If you suffer with any of these problems, we can help you. With the extra time we have available and the use of highly skilled lab technicians carefully working to our precise laboratory prescription,  it is possible to improve all these factors.

Advanced Denture Services

How would you like your dentures to look and feel? If you have a previous set of dentures that you are happy with, we can copy many of the features however there are many features which can be added to new dentures to promote their comfort, function and appearance.

Improved denture retention

Denture retention can be improved using the following techniques:


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